Hi there and welcome to SPINEdesign.

I’m still working on the nitty gritty bits of this ‘about’ page. I am a multi-passionate artist which means putting what I do into a kind of framework always has me stumped. In the meantime here are some things I like:

I love lines, strong colors, the unexpected, one really smooth latte per day, designs that surprise me, small things, drawings of all kinds but mostly pencil sketches. I love nature’s abundance in form of my vegetable garden. I love watching animals in they’re natural habitat. I love photography, digital image manipulations and design just for design sake. I love a well crafted thing.

I also love to help and to offer something useful to others. Apart from my own creative exploration I’m going to offer a sprinkling of design resources for other creatives that will hopefully tease your eyes and speak to your hearts.

If you have any questions or got something on your mind, you can do that here: say hello.